Friday, August 31, 2012

She Undid My Crochet Project

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Have you experienced having to undo your crochet project because you did it the wrong way? What if someone undid it for you without your knowing it?

            It actually happened to me, my daughter undid my crochet project.

            While my daughter was playing, I was crocheting. She usually plays beside me and all I have to do is listen to what she’s saying from time to time. This way I know what she’s doing while I crochet and listening to her noises lets me know that she's still busy playing. But sometimes when I am focused on counting the stitches, I forget that I am baby sitting.

I remember one time, she was playing  and asking me something while I was busy crocheting.  That time I was so focused on counting the stitches so I just said yes and nodded. She never left my side and I knew she was still playing since all her toys were beside me.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Why Do You Crochet?

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             Have you heard this question? If yes, how do you answer it?

            In my crochet journey, I have heard this question many times already, even my loved ones asked me too. I just answered them,  “ It makes me happy” with a sweet smile on my face.

            The colors and an image of a finished product in my mind make me smile. When I see a pattern that makes me excited,

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Crochet Family : Meet-up

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 I joined this crochet community where we constantly talked about crocheting. Eventually we decided to meet-up in one place to get to know each other where we can share our patterns, knowledge and experiences.

            I actually like this and I want to meet new friends with the same interest. But I am thinking what should I do when I meet them?

a.     Introduce my name, “Hi, I’m Girlie, I love to crochet”

b.     Hug them one by one and introduce myself “Hi I’m Girlie, I love to crochet”

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Crochet Sensitive

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My daughter loves to watch movies. One time she was watching Rapunzel, she called me and asked me to rewind the movie she was watching while I was busy crocheting

Crochet Miscount!

Pin It Now!          It's been 2 weeks since I started to work in our local governmanet as a volunteer. Since then I have only few minutes to do my hobby, crocheting.

         When I get home, I have to cook dinner, clean the house, take care of my princess and help her do her homework. Sometimes I need to do light laundry. By the time I'm done it's 8:00 pm already, I'm tired and want to go to sleep. And while waiting for my princess to sleep, I will check my email, surf the net, check fb, and check my fan page: Girlie's Crochet and Crochet Lover in the Philippines. After that I continue my work in progress project.

        This work in progress project is for my sister-in-law who will visit next month, September. So I was in a hurry and I have a few days left to finish it. I just finished the bodice (back, left and right front side), and 1 sleeve. So I am about to finish the 2nd sleeve which has only 4 rows left to stitch.

        Last night when I was counting the rows, I was shocked. I miscounted

Children Learn What They Live

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Just wanted to share:

Friday, August 24, 2012

Growing Up In All Things: Crocheter Family

Pin It Now! I remember when I was a kid, I experienced being bullied by another kid that sent me home crying. When my mother saw me crying, she said that I should not let anybody do that to me again, and if I can not protect myself and go home crying again, I should just stay home and play by myself. I was a small kid and I knew that there was a bigger possibility of this happening again. Instead of learning how to adjust to other's, I learned to stay at home alone... playing alone. Anyway there was a bonus, she told me that she can be my friend too.

In my growing up stage,I always stayed home and looked for something to keep me busy. Sometimes I read  books, learn how to do needlework and crochet. I soon discovered crochet is what I love most. Learning to crochet was, to me at my young age, my own private playground.

Monday, August 20, 2012

It's Joke Time

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Husband says; "When I'm gone you'll never find another man like me".
Wife replied; "What makes you think I'd want another man like you!"

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